Divorce Attorney In Osseo, MN

As a divorce attorney in Osseo, MN, Jennifer Nixon is practiced in court-based divorce and alternative divorce methods. Jennifer is here to actively listen to and understand your interests, needs and goals, ensure your voice is represented during the process, and explain the law in relatable terms.

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Experienced Divorce AttorneyDivorce

Jennifer Nixon is experienced in working with clients through divorce, including:

  • negotiation;
  • mediation;
  • Early Neutral Evaluation;
  • the collaborative divorce process; or
  • court if necessary.

No one goes into a marriage hoping it ends, but if the time comes, trust Jennifer Nixon to help handle your case professionally, providing you with the personal attention you need.

Traditional, court-based divorce can be complicated. Jennifer helps you protect your property, assets and interests, and helps you determine the best custody and parenting time arrangement for your family, working through all aspects of your case.

How Jennifer Nixon Can Help

Jennifer Nixon is proud to be a divorce attorney in Osseo, MN helping you establish child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, as a part of a negotiated settlement or by representing you at trial.

Every step of the divorce process, from property and finances to custody and parenting time can be resolved in a reasonable and workable way, and to help you find a solution which fits your needs.

Get Back In The Swing Of Life

Jennifer Nixon, is ready to help you return to a normal life after all is said and done. Get back to doing what you love, which may be boating on Fish Lake, biking the miles of trails available in town or playing on or watching the interactive fountain in Central Park.

Contact your divorce attorney in Osseo, MN today to learn more, and begin the healing process.

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