Divorce Decree Modification

There are times when a divorce decree modification or other modification is necessary – sometimes a divorce doesn’t end issues of property division, spousal maintenance, custody or parenting time because of a change of circumstances. Life can change dramatically and you may need a divorce decree modification to deal with it.

When circumstances change, a lawyer like Jennifer Nixon can help you file a divorce decree modification or negotiate a new arrangement, allowing a judge to modify your prior agreement or decree to reflect those changes.

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Divorce Decree Modifications

Divorce decree modifications are requests for the court to modify some aspect of your prior agreement or decree. Every case is unique, but generally you can file divorce decree modifications to address several family law issues, including:

Child Custody & Support

If circumstances change, including but not limited to a move, children getting older or starting or changing schools, a modification to the child custody agreement might be necessary.

When financial circumstances change, sometimes a modification to the child support order is necessary. Whether because of a change in jobs, a change to the parenting time schedule, or a change to health insurance or daycare expenses, changes can make the original amount of support no longer reasonable.

Parenting Time

Some parents, after trying to settle into a routine with their parenting time – visitation – agreements, find that they haven’t made the best possible arrangements. Sometimes life changes and the parenting time arrangements they had been following are no longer feasible. Parenting time schedules can be adjusted to reflect that through a divorce decree modification action.

Spousal Maintenance

When one spouse’s financial situation changes dramatically, the original amount of spousal support that the court ordered might no longer be appropriate. If the person receiving maintenance remarries or begins living with a significant other, spousal maintenance would end and a divorce decree modification action may be necessary to formalize this. If either spouse gets a high-paying job or loses their job, the amount may need to be changed.

Moving Out Of Minnesota

In order to move to another state it may be necessary to modify your child custody order; in many cases, these orders explicitly state that the children cannot be moved from Minnesota without express consent from the other parent or from the court.

Contempt of Court

If your ex-spouse is violating the terms set forth in any of your court orders, you may be able to take him or her to court and show that he or she is guilty of contempt.

If your circumstances have changed, filing for divorce decree modification might be the best choice you’ll make. Rather than doing complicated acrobatics with your schedule, your bank account or your everyday life, it’s usually best to have Jennifer Nixon get something in writing from the court that alleviates unnecessary pressure on you and your family.

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