Family Law

When it comes to family law, emotions run high. Conflict of any sort can cause irreparable damage to relationships if not handled correctly.

Jennifer Nixon will work to find a suitable path forward for you and your family. Contact her when you’re ready.

Family Law Practice Areas

Jennifer Nixon provides legal counsel for family law matters, including:



Jennifer will attempt to work collaboratively with your spouse’s attorney to create a client-centered and family friendly resolution to your family law conflict. The goal is to resolve issues positively and create family structures which are individualized to your needs and benefit all members in a safe and respectful way. Your desires should be the driving force in determining the outcome.

Traditional legal pathways are always an option through our law office, should you so choose. Jennifer Nixon has experience with both traditional, court-based processes and collaborative law, and can represent your interests to provide you with the best possible outcome.

How Jennifer Nixon Can Help

Jennifer provides personalized counsel depending on your exact needs, providing full representation to you from the time the papers are served until the final documents are filed.

She can work with you and your spouse’s attorney to determine the terms which will resolve your situation, including dividing property, setting or modifying spousal maintenance, child custody and parenting time matters. These issues are serious and how they are handled will affect the rest of your life.

Contact Jennifer Nixon today to learn more and begin the healing process.


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