Estate Planning & Probate

Planning for a future without you can be hard to wrap your mind around. But without planning, that future can be a mess for your children, spouse or other relatives to take care of after you’re gone.

Jennifer Nixon can help settle your affairs when the time comes. It’s important to work with an estate planning attorney anytime a big life change occurs – such as having children or getting married – as well as reviewing your documents on a regular basis. A probate attorney will assist a personal representative in navigating any legal issues which may arise in walking an estate through the courts.

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Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning attorney can assist you with planning:

  • how your children will be cared for and provided for;
  • who will benefit from your property and finances; and,
  • creating a health care directive or living will, power of attorney and end-of-life plan.

Anytime you have a child it’s important to update your will. If you were to pass away unexpectedly you would want your children to be raised by a person of your choosing, avoiding family conflict over their care. It’s also important to plan for how your children will be provided for; many parents choose to set up a trust to be distributed when your child reaches a certain age. Whatever the case, be sure it is laid out in clear language in your will with the assistance of an estate planning attorney.


Everyone has an estate. From multiple properties and several investments to a few sentimental heirlooms you’d like to pass on, it’s important for your family to know exactly how you’d like your possessions distributed. But without a proper will, you won’t have a say in where your property goes.

Health Care

If you’re injured or your health fails and you’re unable to communicate, a health care directive or living will indicates how decisions should be made for you. The person who you name as an agent should be someone you highly trust so they clearly understand the procedures to follow in a worst case scenario. Having these issues hammered out early removes a lot of undue stress from your family, and allows them to focus on your health and spending time together, rather than complicated legal issues.

Probate Attorney

A probate attorney assists a personal representative in settling final affairs, ensuring the will is carried out in exactly the way your loved one intended.

Without a probate attorney, the process can be confusing and overwhelming for a family dealing with loss. A probate attorney provides clarity and advice in a time when it is desperately needed. As well, if your loved one passed away without a will, a probate attorney will assist the personal representative in sorting through your legal matters and affects in the most fair and efficient way possible.

How Jennifer Nixon Can Help

Jennifer Nixon is grateful to be able to provide estate planning attorney and probate attorney services to the community. Making decisions around care for children, finances and health care directives can be very stressful at the time, but getting ahead of the issue greatly reduces the burden on families when the time comes.

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