Collaborative Divorce Attorney In New Hope, MN

As a collaborative divorce attorney in New Hope, MN,  Jennifer Nixon knows your spouse is one of the most important people in your life and that the divorce process is incredibly difficult. Jennifer Nixon is practiced in collaborative divorce, an alternative to traditional, court-based divorces. This method can lead to better outcomes for all parties involved.

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Jennifer Nixon is proud to be a collaborative divorce attorney in New Hope, MN helping you reach a resolution tailored to your exact situation. She will work with you as part of the collaborative divorce team every step of the way to create an agreement which benefits all parties, including minor children.

Every piece of the divorce process, from property and finances to parenting time and custody can be aided with collaborative divorce.The collaborative process can be less time consuming and costly than traditional, court-based divorces.

If your spouse does not have a collaborative divorce attorney, Jennifer can provide you a number of attorneys your spouse may wish to choose from.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney In New Hope, MN

Jennifer Nixon is experienced in collaborative divorce, and belongs to a number of organizations which support this method.

Collaborative law is a voluntary process where you, your spouse and your respective attorneys make a commitment not to go to court. Instead, a series of meetings with the couple, attorneys, and other professionals trained in the collaborative process are scheduled and held, with common goals established.

This gives you more control over the divorce process, and allows you to directly negotiate the settlement with your spouse. The process can be faster, saving you time and money in legal fees, and because you and your spouse are working in a collaborative environment, your relationship may not be as adversarial moving forward which is better for your family.

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Jennifer Nixon is ready to help you return to a normal life after all is said and done. Get back to doing what you love, which may be hitting the links at New Hope Village Golf Course, skating at the New Hope Ice Arena or walking along Bassett Creek Regional Trail.

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