Collaborative Divorce

Divorce can be one of the hardest things you do in your life. Whether it’s been coming on for awhile or is discovered suddenly, divorce can cause serious damage to other family members and yourself if not handled properly. Jennifer Nixon follows an alternative path to traditional, court-based divorce which can help mitigate the damage and result in a better outcome for everyone: collaborative divorce.

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Collaborative Divorce Service

Collaborative divorce is an excellent path forward in a hard situation. Jennifer Nixon is a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota and Collaborative Divorce Professionals, and is proud to offer this service. Collaborative law is a voluntary process where the couple and the professionals involved make a commitment not to go to court. The process includes a series of meetings with the couple, attorneys, and other professionals trained in the collaborative process. All parties work towards settlement, keeping the couple’s goals at the center of the process.

Collaborative divorce gives you:

  • more control over the divorce process;
  • the ability to negotiate your own settlement;
  • support throughout the process;
  • savings in time and money; and,
  • a better future for your family.


Your attorney will work with you to create a client-centered and family friendly resolution to your divorce. The goal is to resolve issues positively and create family structures which are individualized to your needs and benefit all members in a safe and respectful way.

Jennifer Nixon is here to actively listen to and understand the interests, needs and goals of you and your family, ensure your voice is heard and valued during the divorce process and explain the law in relatable terms.

How Jennifer Nixon Can Help

Jennifer Nixon takes pride in providing collaborative divorce tailored to your exact situation. She will work with you as part of the collaborative divorce team every step of the way to create an agreement which benefits all parties, including minor children.

Every piece of the divorce process, from property and finances to parenting time and custody can be aided with collaborative divorce. In some cases, the process is less time consuming and costly than traditional, court-based divorces.

If your spouse doesn’t have a collaborative divorce attorney, they can be referred to a number of attorneys to choose from.

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