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How To Maintain Communication With A Spouse After Divorce

Oct 25

Whether you’ve been divorced for some time or are just beginning the process, excellent communication is key. Divorce is fraught with emotion, and even face-to-face communication can be misconstrued, much less electronic communication or messages sent through attorneys or other third parties.

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Estate Planning Awareness Week: Does Your Plan Need A Checkup?

Oct 16

Less than half of adults in the United States have a will or living trust according to a 2017 survey by Estate planning is far too important to ignore. Jennifer Nixon wants to work with

Grandparent holding grandchild’s hand

3 Important Facts About Third Party Custody

Sep 12

A child living with their biological parent is the ideal arrangement. However, if a parent is going through a difficult time it may be necessary to start a third party custody matter so the child can benefit from a safe and stable home.

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How The Collaborative Process Can Help Reduce Hostility In Divorce

Aug 25

You may turn to collaborative divorce for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to maintain control of the divorce process instead of leaving the decisions up to a judge. You may simply wish to avoid the adversarial divorce you saw your parents have. Read More

Collaborative Divorce

How To Choose A Divorce Attorney

Aug 17

Choosing your divorce attorney is one of the first significant decisions in your divorce process, especially since this choice could affect your future relationship with your spouse. We’ve put together a guide on how to choose a divorce attorney below. When

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